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Q: How much money can I expect to make from a full-placement agreement?

Each month you will receive a detailed report that will detail the activity of your ATM machine: number of transactions, cash dispensed and surcharge earned. You will make up to 100% of each surcharge transaction performed on your automated teller machine. Your residual payment will be deposited directly into your account on the 5th of each month.


Q: Are there any monthly charges for my ATM program?

AAA-ATM will not charge you any fees for processing. You will be responsible for providing a dedicated phone line, electricity and keeping it stocked with cash and receipt paper, which we provide for free.


Q: How does a cash machine transaction work?

1. The customer inserts his bankcard in the ATM and requests a withdrawal.
2. The ATM dials a toll-free number to contact the appropriate network such as Star® Plus® or Cirrus®, which then contacts the customer's financial institution.
3. The customer's funds are verified by his financial institution.
4. If funds are verified, the transaction is approved and the customer receives cash from the ATM.
5. The withdrawal amount and the surcharge are debited from the customer's account.
6. The transaction is processed through the Federal Reserve's automated clearing house.
7. Both the surcharge and the withdrawal amount are electronically deposited in the ATM owner's account.


Q: Why do I need a cash-dispensing machine (ATM)?

Increased revenue and increased foot traffic: increasing daily foot traffic and attracting new customer business is vital for your location's growth. Increasing the cash flow into your business can increase your profits: insufficient funds, check fraud and point of sale credit card fees can be eliminated from your store's activity.


Q: What is included with my ATM purchase?

No monthly fees or processing fees, free shipping, installation, and training, free signage package, unlimited free technical support and extended parts and labor warranty options. We also supply you with free receipt paper rolls for as long as you are under contract with AAA-ATMs.


Q: How do I load cash into my ATM?

Upon installation, we will train you on the procedure of loading cash into your machine. Your money will be re-deposited back into your bank account as customers withdraw money from your ATM. During the week, your monies will be re-deposited into your account within 24-48 hours. Weekend transactions (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) will be deposited the following Monday.





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