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Nationwide coverage - connect from anywhere and always get the best signal available

Secure network – your customer’s data is always safe

Easy Installation –Plug and Play setup which means you have the freedom to locate your ATM anywhere or relocate your ATM anytime

Low Cost – eliminate the expense and limitations of installing a phone line with a rate that’s lower than what you would pay for a phone line

How does it work – going wireless is like using a cellular network; it’s like putting a cell phone inside your ATM machine.

Advantages – no need to wait for the phone company to install a second phone line or the cable company to wire a new internet connection.

Benefits – connection is always on. With a traditional landline, if service is interrupted your ATM service will be too, but a wireless machine always remains connected.

Option A – Purchase                                                     
Purchase a wireless box for one-time fee of $395 plus $17.50 for monthly service and receive unlimited ATM transactions. First month free!

Option B – Lease 
Lease a wireless box for $40 per month and receive unlimited ATM transactions. No upfront costs, requires a minimum 2 year lease. First month free!

Click here to view/print an Inquiry Form about a wireless unit for your ATM.
Minimum 2 year processing agreement required.




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